Pumpkin Week: Corn Hole Tournament

October 15th | 6PM

Come join us in our Orchard Park at University Place for our first Corn Hole tournament! Bring your partner and team-up to partic

ipate in this tournament classic.

We are giving out hundreds of dollars in Ca$h and Prizes for this event!

Dress up in your most creative uniforms to receive a special prize!


The Rules:

  1. Teams must consist of 2 people each. 

  2. Only a limited amount of team-slots will be available for this event. Registration is free and the day of the event.  This will be first come first serve starting at 4:30pm. 

  3. Teams must be registered and ready to play by 6pm.

  4. A winner will be decided when a team reaches/exceeds 21 points or a time-limit of predetermined minutes. In case of a time-limit the  team with the highest points will be awarded the win.

  5. Boards will be placed approximately 27-feet apart.

  6. The foul line will be directly in-front of the board.

  7. Pitcher boxes are located directly to the right or left of the box approximently 4×4 square foot box.

  8. Teammates will stand directly across from each other giving each team the same directional advantage of left or right handed people (Team Blue will be on the north side of the board and Team Red on the south).

    How to Score Cornhole Points

    There are two kinds of points to deal with when scoring cornhole throws.

    • Woodies are bags that land directly on the cornhole board playing surface. Bags are not allowed to bounce onto the board from the ground or other surface, however for this competition they are allowed to bounce off the ground. Woodies have to have be at least 60% hanging on the board to count
    • Cornholes are bags that fall through the hole in the top of the playing surface, either by sailing in directly, sliding in on the throw or being pushed in by another bag (yours or your opponents!). Cornholes are worth 3 points.

    Cornhole Score Totalling and Point Cancellation

    In cornhole, points are totaled at the end of each round. Once all eight bags have been tossed, score up the total bags for each team. The team that has the most points for the round will subtract their opponent’s points from their own to get their total score for the round.

    Let’s look at an example:

    Team A lands two woodies and one cornhole
    Team B lands one woody and two cornholes

    Team A scored 5 points, while Team B scored 7.  Team B’s score for the round is 2, because 7-5=2. Team A receives no points because, I repeat, only one team can score per round.

    This type of scoring is good for the game because it adds some defensive strategy and extends how long a game might last.

Date: Oct 15, 2019 -

Start Time: 6:00p