Learn & Play: The Worlds Best Pizza!

May 6th | 11am-12pm

 “There is no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box in your lap”

-Steve Martin

For this Special Learn & Play Children will meet at California Pizza Kitchen where we will read Lorenzo, The Pizza Loving Lobster.

Children will then get to become their very own Pizza Chef, creating their own chef-hats and pizzas! Children will rotate throughout the event taking turns designing hats and creating their pizzas.

Notice: Learn & Play will be located at California Pizza Kitchen.

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Register Here the Thursday before the event at 12:00 PM


  1. Registration Required – Max of 3 tickets per order.
  2. We offer this free program to kids ages 2-5 only.  Most Mondays we will offer a free story and play programs matched to the attention spans of young children.  Please be advised, sometimes we will provide a treat to take home and we will often get messy.  If you have any questions in advance about the scheduled program, please call us at 801-224-0810.
  3. Learn & Play events will be located in California Pizza Kitchen located on the couth side of the mall by the underground parking garage.
  4. Please register your participating child only or children.  Please do not register the child’s parent/caregiver.  Please ONLY register your own children and refrain from saving spots for friends.
  5. Learn & Play programs require the help and supervision of parents/caregivers.  If you are registering your child you are agreeing to a parent/caregiver helping them and supervising them in this program.

Date: May 6, 2019 -

Start Time: 11:00a

End Time: 12:00p