Learn & Play : Pizza


  1. Registration required
  2. Toddlers and preschoolers will be introduced to books, music, and other fun activities. We offer this free program to kids ages 2-5 only. Most Mondays place we will offer a free story and play programs matched to the attention spans of young children. Please be advised, sometimes we will provide a treat to take home and we will often get messy. If you have any questions in advance about the scheduled program, please call us at 801-224-0810.
  3. For Fall 2017 will offer our September Learn & Play programs outside at The Orchard and then we will move them indoors to the Kids Play Place beginning in October. A few programs will have an earlier start time, please read all details for each event.
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  5. Learn & Play programs require the help and supervision of parents/caregivers. If you are registering your child you are agreeing to a parent/caregiver helping them and supervising them in this program.



10 AM | November 27th

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Meet us in the Kid’s Play Place to learn all about pizza as we read Secret Pizza Party and then head over to our Midici restaurant for a pizza making workshop. Kids will get a hands-on and behind the scenes look at the science of dough and pizza making and will get to try a finished delicious Midici pizza!


There is consistently room for standby participants due to no-shows. If you’d like to participate and registration is full, please join our standby list the day of the event by simply checking in with U.P. staff.


Date: Nov 27, 2017 -

Start Time: 10:00a