Daily Herald: University Place teams up with businesses to sponsor mural to pay homage to Orem’s outdoors

The popularity of public art has come to Orem in the form of a large mural located at the east end of University Place and featured on the north exterior wall next to Al’s Sporting Goods.

The Woodbury Corporation, owners of University Place commissioned artist Joseph Toney to do the mural. Al’s Sporting Goods joined in the sponsorship, as did two of its merchandisers, Vortex Optical and Yeti.

“My focus was on animals and the imagery of nature in Utah County,” Toney said. “It shows the support of the outdoor lifestyle.”

The mural features two ospreys, the Mount Timpanogos ridgeline and two cutthroat trout. The ospreys represent Vortex, with the optical eye for hunting, and the trout represent Yeti and all of the outdoor equipment it sells.

“Utah County is an infinite source of inspiration,” Toney said. “This is my first project in Utah County.”

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