Daily Herald: University Place gets wild hare, offers gift cards to find virtual bunny

With social distancing and stay-at-home requests, University Place has had to get creative to stay in contact with its customers. Starting Monday that includes a virtual bunny hunt for Easter.

“We’ve had to be creative,” said Cindy Nguyen, marketing director.

The event team at University Place launched the Furry Bunny Scavenger Hunt on its Instagram and Facebook accounts.

According to Nguyen every other day the bunny will be pictured at another location on the University Place campus.

“We want interactivity with our shoppers. Every other day we’ll post the bunny hopping around the UP campus,” Nguyen said. “Shoppers who guess the location will win a gift card to mall restaurants and retailers. Just follow the clues.”

The virtual hunt will go through April 11 and will feature locations inside and outside stores and buildings on the campus.

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