Love Where you Work: 5 Instant Benefits of Working at UP

University Place just keeps growing. We have the best mall in Utah County, fantastic venues for live shows, and luxurious, urban apartments for prices that can’t be beat! It’s no wonder why more and more employers find themselves moving closer to all of the action.

In recent years, UP has become a hub for businesses. We’re installing five Class-A office buildings which will become the base of operations for many preexisting and up and coming local businesses, one of which is already open. Another one of the office buildings that is soon to be under construction will be nine stories tall — the tallest building in Orem, Utah.

So why work at University Place? Here are five instant benefits you’ll have when you start your next job at UP.

Host Your Conferences Near Your Office

Finding a venue for your conferences can be difficult, but what if it didn’t have to be?

Here at University Place, we have large rental spaces available for conferences at any time your company could need them. We make it easy for businesses to host the events that better them and their employees.

What About Daycare?

Finding time to drop your kids off in the morning is difficult. You have to make extra time to drive to the daycare, drop off your kids, and drive to work. In a lot of cases, that adds an additional 40 minutes to your morning that you, quite frankly, could be using in a more productive manner. However, daycare, for many families is necessary. What if you worked somewhere were daycare was just a short walk away?

At UP, there is a daycare center close by so that you don’t have to add extra time to your commute to have someone care for your kids.

Run Your Errands Mid-Day

With the University Place Mall so close to your office, those pesky errands that you usually would run after you get out of work can be done on your lunch break. That’s right — going to Hallmark for birthday cards, picking up a new shirt for date night, or getting a quick haircut can all be done in the middle of your workday.

If you run out of time on your lunch break, you can easily drop by after you get out of the office with no added inconvenience.

Discounts on Housing

That’s right — discounts on housing. For a lot of people, this is a massive benefit to working at University Place. The discounts we give to employees that work at University Place are on the apartment complexes found just feet away from the offices — The Aston at University Place. Now you can live and work for less with a commute that is not even worth mentioning!

Close to College

What’s more important to a business than coffee? Interns to go fetch that coffee (we joke, we joke). But really, University Place is located just between UVU and BYU, making it perfect for businesses to recruit some experience-hungry interns or entry-level, young professionals.

Working at UP is a dream. If you want to be part of it or our expanding office infrastructure, make sure to contact us or come downtown to see who is hiring!