Deseret News: ‘You just have to experience it to know how it feels:’ The stories of 3 live Nativity scenes across Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — Sixteen years ago, Esty Larsen’s grandma Irene Hayes was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was told she only had three months to live.

After her passing a year later, Esty Larsen and her mother, Alison Larsen, started brainstorming ways they could honor their late grandmother and mother. They thought about running a 5K in her name or having a bake sale, but that didn’t seem like enough.

“(One night, my mom) had a dream that (we) put on a play about the Nativity, about Christ’s birth. So the next morning, we started talking about it and decided to put on a live Nativity in a local barn,” Esty Larsen told the Deseret News.

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